Friday, 4 September 2020

Myself According My Wife

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I have best teacher collogue who I know him well before we teach together in the same school. Her name is Nanang Wiwit Sinudarsono. He is my husband and my teacher collogue too. We have taught in the same school since 2010 until now. He is a social teacher for ninth class,  a student vice principal and OSIS builder in my school. He is 35 years old now. 

Mr. Nanang has fat body, it is about 80 kg and he has 165 tall. He has round face, pointed nose, musthace, and beard. He has brownish skin and straight hair with some of  it is grey hair. He has sweet smile. He is a kind person who treats all his friends well. He always helps his another teachers espeacilly about IT programm. He usually guides OSIS members once a month for example leadership training, flag ceremony and anothers. He is one of evaluation system creator teacher in our school so he sometimes gives a workshop to his teacher collegues about the system evaluation especially K 13 curriculum. His hobby is travelling. To manifest her hobby, he build the BANGJO TOUR and TRAVEL coorporation. 

The effort provide accomodation for travelling. In the holiday,  he often invites  his family to go somewhere for travelling for example to Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta and Wali Songo. So he works and enjoys holiday too.

He is a dilligent teacher. He always goes to school earlier because our home is near to school so that we can reach our school onfoot during 5 minutes. When he arrives  at school he usually waits the students in school gate and greets them one by one. He sometimes helps  BK teacher to give advice to students who come late to school. He always shows interesting learning at class using LCD and learning Video especially if learn about Indonesia history. He is a religious people, he often guides his students to come to the mosque when duhur praying time. He sometimes becomes priest praying. After that he gives some cultum for us. 

I am very gratefull having teacher collegue like my husband. He is my husband and my friend too. He is always patient if I ask his help especially about IT programm like make question in google drive, record learning video, and another computer program. We often talk about school problem together. In my opinion he is a problem solving teacher in my school. For all i think, he is a good father,  a romantic, helpful husband,  and a charming teacher. (Wina)

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